How your
support helps

Here’s how you can create superhero magic

Raise $50 and fund an hour’s hydrotherapy in our hot spa. Relaxation and exercise for kids with little or no movement.

Raise $100 and you could keep ice cream in our freezer for a month! That means everyone can have ice cream after dinner - just like at home.

Raise $150 and you could send a family to the zoo for the day. You’ll be creating happy lifetime memories.

Raise $200 to provide a pamper package for our mums so they feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world.

Raise $500 and you could pay for a sling so children can be lifted out of bed with ease.

Raise $1,000 to support the professional development of our clinical staff.

Raise $5,000 - this could pay our electricity bill for a month.

Raise $10,000 - which could provide a family much needed respite at Bear Cottage for a week.

Raise $20,000 to support our Housekeepers who ensure that Bear Cottage is always a sparklingand relaxing home away from home.

We use Superhero donated funds
to supply services and programs such as:

Respite and Therapy

provided by our social worker and family support team provides assistance and coping strategies for families.

Child Life Therapy

offers play, music and art therapy as a fun and creative outlet for children and families.


for children with life-limiting illness and their families provide an opportunity to connect with other families and children with similar medical conditions.

Footprints in the Sand

our bereavement support program is available to our families for as long as they need.

So get your cape on and become a Bear Cottage Superhero!